Business meals
in Valencia

Enjoy an Unforgettable Experience.

If you are thinking about organizing a business lunch in Valencia, you will find that Casa Isabel restaurant is the ideal place to hold the event. The food, the atmosphere, the location, the service—everything, absolutely everything, will make the meeting go perfectly.

First of all, we have a wide variety of menus for you to choose from. Each menu has been specially designed with a specific type of celebration in mind: family events where menu variety will be key to please all diners; group meetings where a 4-hour advance notice is enough for us to have everything ready; informal celebrations where tapas will be the star; and, of course, events where good taste and formality are always welcome. In this regard, for business lunches and dinners at Casa Isabel, we can offer anything from our excellent tasting menu to our succulent seafood feast, a fantastic selection of top-quality fresh seafood that will make finger-licking inevitable.

Company Meals at Playa Malvarrosa

Our location, right on the Malvarrosa Beach promenade, just a few meters from the El Cabañal metro station and with ample space dedicated to vehicle parking, makes us a valuable option to consider.

As for the ambiance, what more can one ask for with the beach just a few meters away? The elegance and privacy that our venue provides on occasions like this, combined with the casual atmosphere and the freshness of the sea, make us the ideal restaurant to host a company dinner.

Also, you'll be pleased to know that at Casa Isabel, we only work with the finest ingredients, all sourced from our land to ensure the authentic taste of Valencia. Our recipes, moreover, are older than our own history, which began in 1967 when we were just a beach hut that set up shop on the beach every summer to offer the most traditional dishes of Valencia.

The quality, taste, and freshness of our products, combined with the experience and tradition that our chefs and pastry chefs bring to their work every day, offering the most delicious dishes and desserts, will make you, once you try us, not want to celebrate your business meals anywhere else. With us, the success of your business gatherings is completely assured.


A wide variety of menus designed for every occasion, from the Weekday Menu and Gourmet Menu to the Group Menu, Dinner Menu, and Select Menu for family events.

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