Restaurant in Valencia

Valencia restaurant

One of the Valencia’s best restaurants is, without a doubt, Casa Isabel. Located on the Malvarrosa’s beach, very close to the subway station of El Cabañal, this restaurant is known all around the city thanks to its exquisite menus and its cheap prizes.


Restaurant at the beach of Valencia

Casa Isabel is especialised in tipical valencian dishes. In this way, if you are looking for a restaurant in Valencia where you can enjoy of a delicious and authentical paella valenciana you must to go to Casa Isabel. They only use autochthonous and fresh ingredients to prepare each recipe. That is the reason why its paella is considered the best of Valencia.


But typical dishes of valencian rise it is not the only that you can find in Casa Isabel. They have many other dishes in their menus: salads, steamed mussels, timbal de merluza con “esgarraet”, sirloin steak grilled, fideuá de marisco, grilled salmon, etc. Everything prepared with the freshest meat, fish and shellfish bought each morning in the Lonja. And, of course, they have an excellent selection of wines also.

In addition, the restaurant is located near the Malvarrosa’s beach. So you can delight with your family or friends eating one of its marvelous recipes prepared with valencian rise or practisin the typical “tapeo” while you gaze at the sea and enjoy the sun. The Malvarrosa’s beach is, besides, one of the most popular beaches of Valencia. There you can find all kind of activities during the summer: music festivals, airshows, etc.


As you will see there are so many restaurants in Valencia, but anyone as good as Casa Isabel. They have the best dishes –if you want to taste de true flavor of this lovely city– and the best prizes too.


Enjoy our city, our beach and our gastronomy going to the best restaurant Valencia, Casa Isabel. We are sure that if you come once you will repeat the next time that you visit our city, the capital of tourism in Spain. Our good weather, our white beaches, our huge variety of historical monuments and, of course, the haute cuisine that we offer to you in Casa Isabel will make you enjoy as never before.